Fresh tunes for Friday, Sept. 15

1. ALY & AJ

"Take Me" 

Friday the musical duo Aly & AJ unleashed the bewitching new music video for their new track, "Take Me."

The '80s-inspired video, a collaboration between the girls, visionary director and screenwriter Alex Ross Perry "(Listen Up Philip," "Queen of Earth") and cinematographer Sean Price Williams ("Good Time") features a trio that falls prey to the girls' blood lust and gets more mesmerizing as it progresses.


"Nobody Opened The Door"

After making waves with his song "Don't You Cry For Me", folk singer-songwriter Cobi has released his new track, "Nobody Opened The Door," before putting out his debut EP, "Songs From the Ashes Pt. 1".

The real power behind his new song is his sweeping and enchanting voice that leads listeners to the powerful climax at the end of the track. 



On Thursday, the 19-year-old Demo Taped's soulful and genre-bending track "Insecure" premiered on NPR. With parts of the song recorded at Antioch, a baptist church where his grandfather has been a pastor since 1969. The track also features his dad on bass.

Demo Taped spoke about the gospel-inspired track and how the church spawned his career in music.

"It's a very spiritual thing when you can sing a song and have people feel a lot closer to God," Demo Taped said in an NPR interview. "When I was up there, I distinctly have memories that this would be great to do as a career."