Three more Steamin' Days left in 2017

The Marshall Steam Museum at the Preserve at Auburn Heights in Yorklyn held its August Steamin' Day this past weekend.

The museum is home to 22 fully working steam-powered automobiles from the Golden Age of steam power.

Guests get to see a "firing up" demonstration, ride a scale steam powered engine, tour the Marshall Mansion, as well as enjoy ride on various steam powered vehicles.

There are three more Steamin' events in 2017, on the first Sunday in September, October, and November.

The museum and preserve also hosts the annual Auburn Heights Invitational, featuring an array of historic automobiles from the classic era in September.

The 2017 fundraiser event includes a spotlight display on speedsters and racers, alongside a broad representation of high-end motor cars from the dawn of the automotive age through 1942.

Selection is based on significance of the marque, authenticity, presentation and the history of the vehicle, with attendance limited to approximately 20-25 autos, the Auburn Heights Invitational offers a rare opportunity to compare and contrast early and later classic-era vehicles — all at the elegant Auburn Heights estate.

This is also an excellent opportunity to see the museum’s newest exhibit Letting Off Steam: The Stanley Legacy.

The invitational is Sunday, Sept. 24, from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.

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