Goal to discuss financial issues concerning New Castle County

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer will attend the Monday, April 17 Greater Hockessin Area Development Association to discuss a variety of issues.

According to New Castle County Director of Communications Jason Miller, Meyer is planning on talking about his vision and goals for county government specifically, the fiscal challenges it’s currently facing.

“He’s been traveling around the county, talking with stakeholders about the fiscal reality that they government is facing,” Miller said. “And he will continue that conversation on Monday.”

Meyer recently presented New Castle County Council with a proposed $284,013,694 budget that halves the general fund capital budget from 2017 levels, and suggests $5 million in cuts that includes a hiring review of all vacant positions, according to the Delaware Business Times.

Miller noted that while Meyer’s proposal does not include a tax increase, the state government has not yet released its budget, which may or may not affect county dollars.

“What the county does is predicated on what (financial) burden the state does or does not place on county government,” Miller said. “The focus now is on using our existing resources to get the job done, before raising taxes.”

Miller said that Meyer is also expected to talk about efforts to create a more efficient and more responsive government, and ensuring county government is providing cost effective services and products for county residents.  

Meyer will be accompanied by County Land Use General Manager Rich Hall and his Chief of staff Aundrea Almond.

The GHADA meeting is Monday, April 17, 7 p.m., at the Hockessin Memorial Hall.

For more information on the county budget, visit nccde.org/192/Budget-Information.