Artifacts for upcoming mushroom industry exhibit still needed

The Hockessin Historical Society’s quarterly meeting and election of officers for 2017 will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at the Back Burner restaurant, Hockessin Corner.

According to HHS president Joe Lake, the meeting will also include a discussion on fund raising, with a special guest speaker on the topic.

Lake said the HHS members will also take time to thank the community for their contributions to the upcoming mushroom industry display at Tweed’s museum.

“We’re still looking for a (mushroom) cart with a section of track, mushroom baskets, and pretty much any other anything the community can dig up,” Lake said of the exhibit. “Some have already given us mushroom baskets, but we can always use more.”

Due to open in the spring, Lake said the meeting would focus on plans for the spring opening of the Tweed’s Complex, located at Fitness Way and Valley Road at Tweed’s Park.

The complex includes the original Tweed’s Tavern, which was relocated from Limestone Road over a decade ago, and the newly completed Tweed’s Museum that opened in October.

At the grand opening ceremony last fall, State Rep. Joe Miro (R-Pike Creek Valley) said he would look into having the new building serve as a tourist center and gateway to Delaware.

Funding is still needed to complete Lake and co-member Brian Woodcock’s goals for the museum to serve as an education center, complete with a documents library and space for tour groups.

Lake said more mushroom artifacts are needed in general: anyone with something to contribute is urged to contact Lake at

The HHS meeting at Back Burner is Tuesday, Feb. 21, with social hour at 6 and the official meeting to start at 7 p.m.