Overnight, crews from the Delaware Department of Transportation made a great deal of progress, removing snow from the state's roads and bridges. They are continuing to work today.

Fortunately, the primary roads across the state are mostly snow- and ice-free, so some assets have been shifted to focus on secondary and minor roads. In addition, crews are working to clear snow from intersections and median crossovers.

In Sussex County, there are reports of some snow drifting back across previously cleared roads, so those roads are requiring constant attention.

DelDOT officials once again ask motorists to drive very slowly and patiently when driving near a DelDOT plow.

Officials urge the following: 

Stay behind the snowplow. Don't attempt to pass. The road behind a snowplow is safer to drive on. Stay back at least ten car lengths behind the snowplow, regardless of whether it is plowing or salting. Snow plows don't always travel at consistent speeds. They may need to slow down or speed up to remove snow and ice that has been packed down by traffic. Be patient and remember that snowplows are working to improve road conditions for your trip. The plow you see may be on its way to an assigned route, plowing or salting the road you are on, or about to begin plowing or salting the road you are on. Never drive close enough to a plow to be hit by snow and ice, salt or brine spray. Doing so is dangerous and can damage your vehicle. Stay alert for snowplows that may be slowing, stopping, turning or pulling over with little warning. They also may travel over centerlines or along road shoulders to improve road conditions.