Bio-individuality and other factors play a role in determining the right path to health

As far as Meg Farrugia is concerned, “different strokes for different folks” isn’t just a clever saying – it’s a model to conduct business by.

“The same thing doesn’t work for everyone – that goes for diet and exercise, too,” the Hockessin-based owner of Life in Motion said.

Farrugia’s method of approaching her clients’ health is called “bio individuality,” a holistic view that takes in numerous factors, from age and gender to ancestry and lifestyle.

“Some people like going to a gym, some wouldn’t be caught dead at one,” she said. “And that’s alright, because maybe the gym isn’t right for them anyway.”

Farrugia said that many times, people embark on exercise or dietary routines that aren’t something they enjoy – a move she said you should question every time.

“Often, people just have this idea in their head that it’s a pain to eat healthily, so they attribute that to a diet,” she said. “Let’s figure out what you like to eat and not go on a diet, and gravitate over time to something that works.”

She added that she encourages her clients to eat well and be active every day, bringing their families into the process with them.

Farrugia goes through a health history with her clients, exploring what their dietary habits are throughout their life, and noting factors like blood type and other clinical information.

She also conducts what is called a postural analysis that takes into account skeletal positioning to determine an exercise that makes sense for an individual’s body.

From that, Farrugia starts to form a picture that takes all those various factors into account in an effort to create customized exercise and nutrition routines.

“It’s not just a stereotype of what you eat and why you eat,” she said. “You can be healthy without having to rely on supplements or medicines.”

Life in Motion provides classes in nutritious meal planning, physical fitness and overall wellness. Initial consultations are free. For more information, contact Farrugia at 302-530-8269 or at