St. Elizabeth High School soccer coach Ed Gibbons (St. E Class of '95) represented Delaware as Head Coach of the U14 Delaware Rush Boys soccer team the last weekend of June in Rhode Island at the Region 1 Championships. The team achieved a 3-1-1 record defeating Eastern New York ranked #1 in the country, Loudon, Virgina ranked #8 in the country and tied Pennsylvania West in the preliminary round. They advanced to defeat Connecticut ranked #10 in the country and defending 2013 Regional Champions/National Finalists in the semifinal round. Unfortunately, the Rush lost to Arlington, Virgina ranked #2 in the country in the Region 1 Finals. “This coaching opportunity will bring back some extensive knowledge and experiences back to the St. E coaching staff and players,” said Gibbons. 

Rising St. E juniors Justin Bajek, Chris Carver, Alex Hantman, and Sebastian Quiroga represented Delaware with the U16 KSC Roma that same weekend in Rhode Island at the Region 1 Championship. The team went 0-1-2 for the weekend with a tough draw against Eastern Pennsylvania (loss), Eastern New York (tie) and Connecticut (tie). Gibbons provided a positive evaluation, “It was a great opportunity for the boys who have won 2 Delaware state championships together. They will have lots of stories and soccer experiences to bring back to the St. E program next year.”