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  • 2014 CC Arts 'Artists Showcase' winners

  • More than 100 works of art were submitted for the 2014 CC Arts "Artists Showcase" but only 15 were recognized by Showcase Judge Michael East.
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  • More than 100 works of art were submitted for the 2014 CC Arts "Artists Showcase" but only 15 were recognized by Showcase Judge Michael East, who is also the Area Coordinator of Fine Arts at Delaware College of Art and Design. How did he choose the best of those pieces? What was he looking for? In his own words, East had this to say:
    "Jurying a show is quite a difficult, yet enlightening experience. During the selection process, I had to make many difficult decisions, due to the fact that the members of the Center for the Creative Arts offered up such a diverse range of interesting and heartfelt work. I based my decisions on criteria like the use of the formal elements of art making, inventiveness, and how form and content worked together to establish meaning. Ultimately, I arrived at my decisions with the works that spoke to me the most. Again, this was incredibly hard, as all of the work exhibited are truly exciting."
    "All categories showed strong technical abilities and I was taken aback by how engaging and meaningful each piece was. As a painter and fine arts professor, I embrace any opportunity to engage with the work of others. It truly was a wonderful experience to be able to engage with a group of artists and witness a large spectrum of their collective talents and accomplishments. This show speaks volumes of who they are as a community.
    "I extend my gratitude to Carla Pastore, the executive director and Kendra Dingley, graphic designer and social media coordinator, for inviting me to participate within their lively CC Arts community and to play a role in the celebration of their work. I also would like to congratulate all of the artists in the show. You have created a stellar exhibition."
    • First Place "Ewe Looking at Me" by Mary Lou Griffin
    • Second Place "Floating Colors I & II" by Susan King
    • Third Place "Old Spikes" by Nita Balderston
    • Honorable Mention "Into the Blue" by Elizabeth Bard
    • Honorable Mention "Red Oxide" by Carla Pastore
    • First Place "Nebulous" by Suzanne Bergdoll
    • Second Place "The Canyon" by Mack Wathen
    • Third Place "Saturday Morning" by Jeanette Compton
    • Honorable Mention "Spin" by Mary Coleman
    • Honorable Mention "Chads Ford" by Helen Zebley Dawson
    • First Place "The Apple Hour" by Victoria Gentile
    • Second Place "Ancient Tree" by Elizabeth Zhu
    • Third Place "Bob & Figgy" by Zoe Yost
    • Honorable Mention "Lily Pads" by Julia Smith
    • Honorable Mention "Me & Mama" by Sofia Long
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