Recent spate of pedestrian-related accidents prompted the safety checks April 2 through April 11

In response to several crashes resulting in pedestrian injuries and deaths, Delaware State Police Troopers are initiating an enforcement campaign targeting violations of pedestrian safety laws.

Beginning April 2, Troopers will be engaged in targeted enforcement on Kirkwood Highway and Limestone Road. Specifically, Troopers will be looking for and citing pedestrians who are crossing at areas other than crosswalks, walking along a roadway when a sidewalk is available, and walking along a roadway at night without a light or reflector. Troopers will also cite motorists who fail to obey laws designed to ensure pedestrian safety.

This enforcement campaign complements educational initiatives that have reminded both pedestrians and drivers of pedestrians' rights and duties. This campaign will continue through April 11 and enforcement will take place in the afternoon and evening.

Troopers remind pedestrians to cross at a crosswalk when one is available, and to always be vigilant when crossing a street. Delaware law mandates that pedestrians obey traffic-control devices and walk on a sidewalk when one is available. Additionally, walking along a roadway while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is both dangerous and illegal.