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  • Creativity and science blend at annual DelTech science fair

  • Students from throughout New Castle County compete to move on to regional fair
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    • See the winner's list:

      Biochemistry/Microbiology/Consumer Science

      1st Place: Sriram Cyr, Charter School of Wilmington, "The Effectivness and Antimicrobial Activity of Silk Fibroin NanoParticles in the...

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      See the winner's list:

      Biochemistry/Microbiology/Consumer Science

      1st Place: Sriram Cyr, Charter School of Wilmington, "The Effectivness and Antimicrobial Activity of Silk Fibroin NanoParticles in the Release of Antimicrobial Agents"

      2nd Place: Brandon Walker, Tall Oaks Classical School, "The Effectivenss of C. Elegans Neuron AWC in Enhancing Short-Term Associative Memory Vs NaCl Based Learning"

      3rd Place: Hannah Palczuk, Archmere Academy, "Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Bacteria Growth

      Botony/ Zoology-High School

      1st Place: Joel Chapman, Lincoln Home School, "Is Food Enough? Will Providing Food for a Weak Bee Colony Be Sufficient to Ensure its Survival?"

      2nd Place: Sabrina Myoda, Tall Oaks Classical School, "Application of Fertilizer for Optimum Radish Growth

      3rd Place: Rohitz Veukataraman, Charter School of Wilmington, "Assessment of Silicon Addition in the Reduction of Arsenic (III) Uptake in Rice (Organ Sativa L)"

      Medicine & Health/Behavioral Science

      1st Place: Tyler Zlupko, Charter School of Wilmington, "How Sweet it is: The Impact of Artificial Sweeteners on Human Health"

      2nd Place: Rashiquah Syed, Charter School of Wilmington, "The Effectiveness of Prescription and Non Prescription on Antibiotics on Bacteria"

      3rd Place: Gifan Mustafa, Charter School of Wilmington, "The Effect of Non Linear Pricing, Positive Reinforcement, and Abnormal Question format on the Decisions of Shoppers"

      Computer Science/Math/Engineering-High School

      1st Place: Ben Hylak, Salasianum, "Assisted Living Artificially Intelligent Robot (ALAIR)"

      2nd Place: Owen Porth, Charter School of Wilmington,   "Cross Species Interrogation of the Thiolase Promoter"

      3rd Place: David Xu, Charter School of Wilmington, "An Approach to Measure Differences Between Machine Synthesized and Natural Speech"

      Earth and Space/Environmental Science-High School

      1st Place: Laurel Dentinger, Archmere Academy, "Plant Population Density on Growth and Efficiency"

      2nd Place: Jason Breeding, Charter School of Wilmington," The Study of the Health, Water Usage, Growth and Root Length of Different Lawn Types"

      3rd Place: Victoria Falasco: Archmere Academy, "Acid Rain Effects on Freshwater Life"

      Chemistry-High School

      1st Place: Emily Yan, Charter School of Wilmington, "Enabling Solar and Wind Energy: Design at an Entirely Organic Redox Flow Battery with Ultra-High Voltage For all Weather Application"

      2nd Place: Arthur Wang, Charter School of Wilmington, "Effect of Surfactants on Soybean Milk Particle Size"

      3rd Place: Anthony Hewitt, UBMS- DTCC, "The Effect of Different Types of Fertilizer on the pH of Soil"

      Physics-High School

      1st Place: Martin Kurian, Charter School of Wilmington, "Magnetorheological Fluids in Pulsed Magnetic Fields"

      2nd Place: Laura Sturgill, Charter School of Wilmington,  "Neck Strength on an Individual's Ability to Withstand Trauma to the Skull and Brain"

      3rd Place: Julia Crain, Charter School of Wilmington, "The Physics of the Pirouette"

  • From the effects of cosmetics on the skin to consumer science to subliminal messages in videos and music, the kids of New Castle County had plenty of ideas at the 19th annual Delaware Technical College’s science fair.
    Jeffrey Wood and Calvin Bangler, both of Hockessin, chose to focus on air foils and drag, thanks to Wood’s love of model airplanes.
    “Our school (Charter School of Wilmington) requires us to participate, so I thought why not make it enjoyable,” Jeffrey said.
    The two have been working on their projects since last summer, even going so far as to build a wind tunnel in Calvin’s basement to show the effects of drag and wind turbulence on Wood’s models.
    “We did pretty much all of it over the summer,” Calvin said.
    Calvin and Jeffrey joined with over 150 students from throughout the county for the fair, to vie for cash prizes, bragging rights, and the ability to move onto the national competition this spring.
    Jessica Lavelle and Jennifer West, two fair-skinned 16-year-olds from the Charter School of Wilmington, chose to study the effects of higher number SPF sunscreen versus lower levels, because it’s something practical that people need to be aware of.
    “We both burn easily, so we’re constantly using sunscreen,” Jessica said.
    The two also were past the nervous point when it comes to the judging, having already resented their project and its findings three times since starting.
    Program manager at Delaware Tech Tish Warriner said that the judges are pulled from area businesses and college faculty, with a focus on science-based companies like DuPont.
    “We have a lot of DuPont,” she said.
    The 58 judges are grouped by specialty, Warriner said, with each judge following the same criteria but with a focus on their area of expertise.
    “They’re all looking at creativity, thoughtfulness, the actual following of the scientific method,” Warriner said.
    This year, the judges reviewed 123 projects, with each judge seeing roughly 10 to 15 projects in the span of three hours.
    Winners at the fair will move on to the regional Delaware Valley Science Fair in Philadelphia in April. Those winners in turn are invited to attend the International Fair, usually held in May, Warriner said.
    “We had a student last year from Hockessin, Martin Kurian, move on to the international fair,” she said.
    Martin took first place again this year, she added, for his project on “Magnetorheological Fluids in Pulsed Magnetic Fields.”
    “He’s actually been accepted into early admittance at Yale,” Warriner said. “He’s pretty amazing.”
    Page 2 of 2 - The categories for projects range from simple and obvious to complex and well over the average citizen’s head, including Biochemistry/Microbiology/Consumer Science, Computer Science, Earth and Space/Environmental Science and physics, just to name a few.
    Warriner said that while some kids are required to participate, as in the case with Charter School of Wilmington, many of them are there simply because they love science.
    “They don’t even have to be a part of one of the school districts,” she said. “We welcome any student with a passion for science.”
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