Bags marked “THERA FLU”, “BUD LIGHT”, “BUD ICE”, “DIESEL”, and “COORS LIGHT" are believed cut with fentanyl

The New Castle County Division of Police is reminding all residents of the obvious dangers of heroin use. The use of heroin is up in New Castle County, and throughout the region. During 2013 the New Castle County Police seized over 767 grams of heroin, which was a 270% increase from 2012. These alarming rates are being driven by the low cost, and high purity levels of the heroin on the streets today. The abuse of heroin has a direct relation to property crimes in New Castle County.

Citizens should be aware of a recent advisory distributed by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health of the rise of incidents related to tainted heroin. The heroin is reportedly being cut with Fentanyl, which is more potent than heroin and can cause more severe opioid-induced intoxication and risk of death. The tainted heroin is reportedly being stamped with the street name, “THERA FLU”, “BUD LIGHT”, “BUD ICE”, “DIESEL”, and “COORS LIGHT.” Philadelphia has reported several overdoses including seventeen that have resulted in death.

The New Castle County Division of Police works to educate the public through programs about the dangers of heroin use and the damaging effects it has on the families of addicts. The New Castle County Police, Community Services Unit member Mrs. Marie Allen presents a “Heroin Alert” program which she has been doing since 1998. The program is presented at various schools, community meetings and assemblies to educate the public.

The division has started an aggressive Property Crime Initiative to combat, and prioritize the rising property crimes throughout New Castle County. Under the leadership of Colonel E.M. Setting, members of the Patrol Division have been identified and trained as Property Crime Specialists. The new Property Crime Specialists, which are assigned to each patrol squad, utilize data gleaned from the weekly Targeted Analytical Policing System (T.A.P.S.) meetings, and technology in the form of the division’s new Omega Dashboard crime mapping system. The new crime mapping system is another tool utilized by the division to provide investigators with spatial and temporal crime trends.

The New Castle County Police has not experienced a rise in heroin overdoses, or arrests of the specific named heroin at this time. Due to officers being aware through their investigations that a large portion of heroin in New Castle County is obtained in Philadelphia, the division is attempting to notify the public, in hopes of preventing another death.

If anyone requests further information about the New Castle County Police Heroin Alert Program, please contact the Community Services Unit at 302-395-8050.