Meeting has been in use since the early 1700's

One of the region’s oldest buildings is finally “on the map” thanks to a new marker courtesy of the state of Delaware.

Earlier this month, the Hockessin Friends Meeting finally received its historic marker after only four months of discussion and negotiation.

Friends treasurer Pete Franck said the process started when the head of the Hockessin Historical Society contacted the Delaware State Archives, the agency responsible for fabricating and placing those markers.

“The building’s been in use since 1738,” Franck said. “So there ought to be one there. It’s historical enough.”

The stone marker, which actually is across the street from the Meeting, actually sits within the right-of-way for the road; however, since the state is responsible for placing it, Franck said no variance was required.

The marker sits just outside the adjacent cemetery wall, Franck said.

Franck said the timing on the marker coincided with other renovations to the Meeting, including the removal of an addition from the early 20th century and a new addition that he said is barely attached.

“We’d just finished that while this process was underway,” he said. “It sort of timed out the same way as the sign.”

Franck said that, at one time, the Meeting and the nearby Catholic church adjacent to Coffee Run were the only churches in the area.

“And we’re still there, and still using the same building,” Franck said.

The Hockessin Friends Meeting is still in operation, with roughly 70- active adult members, according to Franck.