Highlander team members attended the premier of "One Blood," a documentary created for the district's television station EdTV.

It seems TMZ was the only thing missing from last week's red carpet premier of the "One Blood" Highlanders documentary.

Players from the McKean football team hit the red carpet at the Wilmington Riverfront's Penn Cinema last Thursday, Dec. 19, for a Hollywood style premier of the new feature created for the district's EdTV station.

Written, produced and directed by EdTV director Rob Markopoulos, and edited and produced by Anderson Bradshaw, the documentary captures the "spirit, commitment and brotherhood of the McKean football team and the dedication and passion of their coaches," according to a press release.

With quotes from Theodore Roosevelt and interviews with players, coaches and many others, the documentary follows the team from the first day of practice to clinching the win in the second half of the home opener.

"We're obviously not going to win every game, and we're going to get beat down, but we're out there fighting every day," head coach Mike Kelly said in the opening moments of "One Blood."

Broadcast on Comcast channel 965, EdTV is Delaware's first educational television channel. Managed by the Red Clay School District, with public relations officer Pati Nash acting as executive producer, programs are broadcast from a state-of-the-art communications center at Thomas McKean High School.

Part of a new documentary series, "Life Actually," "One Blood" follows the pilot episode, which featured the making of Edtv, the student run production facility at McKean.

According to Nash, future shows will feature students from different schools as they prepare for academic or extra-curricular activities; each school within the district will have an opportunity to create their own idea and follow it to production.

Other featured Edtv programs include Food for Thought, a show on cooking and wellness, Alphabet Soup, a series featuring books for K-3, The Forum, an opinion based student talk show, and Educational Bumpers, short informative educational commercials or public service announcements.

"Students in the communications pathway at McKean are learning about all aspects of broadcasting, and will eventually take over much of the production and management of EdTV," Nash said.