The DuPont Story A Family A Company tells the tale of the how Delawareans are impacted daily by this family dynasty

P.S. du Pont's father Lammot was one of the most brilliant DuPont chemists in their storied history. In 1857 he created a new type of blasting powder "Soda B". It was stored in the "Soda House" at Hagley. This was the most significant change in the chemistry of explosives since the Chinese had invented it 600 yrs before. He also was the prime mover in bringing Nobel's dynamite to the company. He established his own dynamite firm in Repauno NJ. In 1884 he died in an explosion there, leaving 10 children, the youngest not even born. P.S., age 14,was the oldest son and assumed leadership in the family. All the children called him Dad for the remainder of their lives.
Picture circa 1896. Top row - L to R: , Irenee, Henry, William, Mary (du Pont) Laird, whose son founded The Brandywiners, Lammot, Margaretta (du Pont) Carpenter - R.R.M. Carpenter (still a renown name)
Bottom row - L to R: Isabella (du Pont) Sharp - still a renown name today, Mary Belin du Pont (mother) P.S, Louisa (du Pont) Copeland - still a renown name today.

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Interview from Maris Grove: My portrayals of founder Irenee and P.S.