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DTC's ANY GIVEN MONDAY provokes in myriad ways
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By Greer Firestone
Playwright of a new musical JUDY GARLAND - World's Greatest Entertainer. This show is a takeoff of the '70's tv show THIS IS YOUR LIFE. But Judy's guests are Liza, Frank and ...
Aisle Say

Playwright of a new musical JUDY GARLAND - World's Greatest Entertainer. This show is a takeoff of the '70's tv show THIS IS YOUR LIFE. But Judy's guests are Liza, Frank and Dean. The 4 of them sing their signature tunes. Opening in April 2015

CANDLELIGHT THEATRE: April 24,25,26 & May 1,2,3 302.475.2313

baby grand Mother's Day May 10 matinee and evening performance (Mom loved Judy, Frank & Dean)  800.37.Grand

The Milton (DE) Theatre May 16 302.684.3038


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By Greer Firestone
Sept. 10, 2013 12:07 p.m.

DTC's opener, ANY GIVEN MONDAY, is one of the most articulate, thought provoking and entertaining treatises in contemporary American theatre. Do we have the insight and the guts to see our own hypocrisies when we contemplate our own 'human condition'? Have we never wished anyone dead and gone?
Ethical dilemmas, God, Greek philosophers and the melding of comedy & tragedy all have their voice in this dark comedy of four anti-Atticus Finch 'heroes'.
A playwright's mantra is to agitate and question society; surprise and madden the theatre goers and incite conversation well past the curtain. Bruce Graham achieves this in a very Sophoclean way. Oh, and it's very very funny. His use of humor makes us laugh at ourselves as we ponder our own moral underpinnings.
Michael Mastro (Mickey) is the most naturalistic of actors. It's like I could not 'believe' Glenn Close as the psychotic hottie in "Fatal Attraction" once I had seen her as the bull dyke nurse/mother in "The World According to Garp", she played that lesbian role so believably. Every look, every gesture, every attitude that Mastro struck was so real, so method. The actor creates this signature character by not acting.
Props to Lucy DeVito (Sarah) who has carved out her own chops as an actor external from her famous Dad and Mom. Sarah, a philosophy major, is the one man Greek chorus of the play, providing us with her own logic - sui generis - and moving the action along with her soliloquies.
Kenny Morris (Lenny) plays more with his eyes and body language as the husband/eunuch that his daughter Sarah has accused him of being; that so many Jewish men are accused of. But hold on until the second act, when Lenny grows two new ones.
Leslie Hendrix (Risa) has the most difficult role, moving from bored and petulant haus-frau to adulterer to acquiescent reconciled wife. 15 years ago my kids' favorite movie was "Mrs. Doubtfire". We must have seen it 30 times. When Robin Williams' fat makeup begins dissembling in the restaurant, Sally Fields gives an unforgettable 30 second tour-de force in emotions; from shock and disbelief to hysteria and rage....and back again. So did Hendrix when she was informed by husband Lenny that he had killed a man.
Aisle Say opines that writer Graham has a small problem in ending his plays. Last year in "The Outgoing Tide" it was the absence of a hug between the estranged son and father, as the latter was about to take the tide out to commit suicide. Once again I will place on my head my 'Show Doctor' chapeau. There was no need for either the final monologue from Sarah OR the appearance of Mickey in a rather confusing white suit. (Was he re-born?). The denouement had already occurred with the reconciliation of Lenny and Risa. We also knew that Risa loved Clark Gable. Therefore, the final line from Lenny as he slammed the door shut should be "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.....and, I'm getting a DAMN dog!!!". Black out.
Slam, bam, thank you ma'am!!!
Thru September 22 DelawareTheatre.org 302.594.1100

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