Harvest Market Kitchen serves freshly prepared salads and sandwiches that provide customers with healthy lunch options

In March, Harvest Market Natural Foods held the grand opening for Harvest Market Kitchen. Harvest Market Kitchen offers a variety of freshly made salads, sandwiches, soups, and other grab-and-go selections, which provide customers with healthy lunch options. Head Chef and Kitchen Manager Cosmia Weinerth recently took some time to talk with the Community News about the new deli.

Q. Why did you decide to start Harvest Market Kitchen?

A. We saw there was a need for high quality prepared foods that used local, fresh, organic ingredients. We wanted to serve of customers who have specialized dietary needs. Harvest Market Kitchen gives our customers who live a gluten-free or vegetarian lifestyle the opportunity to come in and grab a quick, healthy, fresh lunch or dinner to take home with them.

Q. What type of products does Harvest Market Kitchen offer, and is everything made fresh?

A. We offer a variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps, soups, and baked goods. Some of our most popular items are the curry turkey salad and the sun burst lemon bars, which are both really good. Everything is prepared fresh daily and pre-packaged so customers can just come in and pick something up.

Q. What are some of the benefits of eating organic?

A. Definitely taste. I noticed there is a difference in taste and freshness. If you are a foodie like me you love good food. Organic and local ingredients are more tasty than ingredients that are shipped in from across the country. Choosing organic is also better for the planet and provide more health benefits. We try to use organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible.

Q. How has the community responded to the opening of Harvest Market Kitchen?

A. The feedback has been super positive. People were anticipating the opening of the deli. They are excited to know they have this option.

Q. Are there any plans to expand Harvest Market Kitchen?

A. Yes. With fall and the holidays coming up, we plan to change our menu to be more seasonal. We also plan to do some reheat able dinner options. In the future we would love to do a catering menu and add some smoothies to the menu.