Communicating with your pharmacist is crucial for drug safety.

Q: Why should I tell my pharmacist about the OTC medicines I take? A: You should talk to your pharmacist about medicines you buy over-the-counter (OTC) because even though a drug is available without a prescription, it is not necessarily safe for everyone. OTC drugs can interact with other drugs or even with supplements. Your pharmacist can advise you about potential interactions and steer you to the best OTC medications for your particular health issue. A pharmacist can also give you advice about the best ways to take an OTC drug, potential side effects and when to seek help from your doctor. —Stacy Wiegman, expert, Pharmacist, medical writer/editor Go back to All the Answers, July 2013. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ALL THE ANSWERS ARCHIVES Brought to you by: Spry - Healthy Living and Wellness for Women