County Executive Tom Gordon welcomed children from the William Hicks Anderson Community Center to Carousel Park Wednesday

County Executive Tom Gordon welcomed more than 100 children from the William Hicks Anderson Community Center in Wilmington to Carousel Park for an afternoon of fun and new experiences Wednesday afternoon.

New Castle County Councilmen Timothy Sheldon and Joseph Reda accompanied Gordon to the park.

The visit was part of Gordon's effort to give local city children the opportunity to make memories doing things they usually would not have the chance to do.

"We all remember what it was like to go on a field trip when we were kids," Gordon said. "This is a chance for city children to experience nature up close in a pristine setting."

New Castle County Administrator for Carousel Park Regina Marini said the children's visit gave them a chance to learn something new.

"They all got to see and pet the mounted patrol horses, go on a barn tour and hayride, and hear stories from the Buffalo Soldier. It was just a fun day for them," she said.

Each camper enjoyed something different about the field trip.

Eleven-year-old Forrest Frantone said his favorite part of the day was spending time with the horses.

"I liked feeding the horses, because they don't bite you," he said while petting Tonka, the largest patrol horse at the facility.

Shayki Tickles and Jaylin Hoosey, both 7, enjoyed the hayride.

"It was really fun," Hoosey said before heading down to the pond to see the swans and ducks.

"They gave us cards about when the horses were born when we were on the ride," Tickles added.

Camp Director Angel Rollins said she decided to try to put this trip together for the kids, so they can get out of the city for at least an afternoon.

"A lot of the kids here don't get to come to the county, especially not to see horses and things like this," she said. "These kinds of trips add some diversity to their lives."

Gordon said the visit was an example of New Castle County and Wilmington working together, and hopes that this tradition can continue, giving more children the opportunity to make memories.

"Some of the kids that visited today said this was the first time they had ever seen a horse," Gordon said. "That's amazing. But that's why we want them coming out to our county parks. This is not just a onetime event, either. We hope to see more children coming to visit county parks."