Myrtle Reid turned 100 years old June 19.

Franciscan Care Center resident Myrtle Reid was surrounded by friends and family, while celebrating her 100th birthday June 19.

In honor of Reid's special day, facility staff and residents threw her a birthday bash, complete with a cake, presents, and tiara.

"When I ordered your candles, I said I needed a one, zero, and another zero," Activity Director Patrice Bradour said. "The lady on the phone said 'you need one zero, right'. I said 'No, I need two. She is 100."

"Did she think I was 10," Reid asked jokingly.

Reid, who grew up in New York, spent most of her adult life working as a couture seamstress.

"I made wedding dresses and specialty clothes," she said.

The former seamstress also wrote a book with her late cousin.

"It tells the story of the Reid family history," she said. "It is filled with our family tree."

Photos and excerpts from the book are displayed in the dining hall for all to see.

Reid retired in 1976 and came to the Franciscan Care Center in July 2011.

"I like it here because my nieces live close by," she said. "My niece comes to visit me almost every night."

Family is very important to Reid. Her room is decorated with pictures and cards from her nieces and nephews.

Aside from the location of the facility, Reid enjoys bowling and going out to "mystery lunches" with the other residents.

"I make reservations and don't tell them (the residents) where we are going until we get there," Bradour explained. "Everyone tries to guess where we are going while we are on our way."

Reid said her favorite dishes to order while eating out are macaroni and cheese and dessert.

"I love macaroni and cheese," she said. "I also like dessert. When I am here (Franciscan Care Center), I get ice cream. But when I go out I get something special like blueberry pie."

Bradour said Reid is known for her patriotism.

"She is very patriotic," Franciscan Care Center Bradour said. "We even but an American flag on the wall in front of her seat in the dining area."

"My mother taught us to respect the flag," Reid said while being taken to the dining hall.

Bradour described Reid as "the whole package".

"She is so kind and gentle," Bradour said. "She has a great wit and she is as sharp as a tack. She is just the whole package. We all love her."