Real estate attorney Nancy Walsh Law is campaigning to be 2013 Woman of the Year for the Delaware Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Law held an event for the cause at Six Paupers Tavern Wednesday night and took some time to discuss her involvement in the organization.

On March 28, the Delaware Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society kicked off its annual Man and Woman of the Year contest, a campaign that is pitting 14 community movers and shakers against one another for a noble goal.

Collectively, their ambition is to raise money and awareness for blood cancer. Individually, each candidate wants to do the most. And, there's a lot to do. Over the course of the 10-week crusade, each nominee mush spread the mission of LLS through letter writing, special events, social media and local outreach.

Nancy Walsh Law of Hockessin is one of the Delaware nominees. For more than a month now, she has been doing her best to raise money and spread the word about the devastating effects that cancer can have on a person, the person's family and a community. On Wednesday night, she hosted a guest bartending event at Six Paupers Tavern. Her team of bartenders included more than a dozen people who all want to see Law be successful.

This week, in what little spare time this local attorney has, Law took a few moments to discuss her involvement with LLS and just what she hopes to accomplish with her campaign.

Q How did you get involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society?

A Last year, I was a guest bartender for Eric Braunstein's Man of the Year Campaign - that is how I first heard about LLS. Then, earlier this year, my friend and colleague Shana Delcollo asked me to run. I thought she should run but she convinced me to do it and nominated me.

Q The goal is to raise money and awareness, right? How much money have you raised so far?

A My goal is raise 5 figures and I am in 4 figures right now. I hope between our last few events at Six Paupers and our golf outing at Deerfield next week that I will accomplish that.

Q So, how did the event at Six Paupers come about?

A Like I said, I attended a guest bartending event there last year. It was really well-attended. So, when I decided to run this year, I thought it would also be a great location for some of my events. We live near Six Paupers as do a lot of our friends and family so we thought it would draw a number of people. I am also friends with one of the owners and he was nice enough to allow us to host our event there. Wednesday night's event turned out great. I would guess that we had about 100 people there throughout the night.

Q You got involved to assist LLS with its efforts. What are you getting out of this experience, though?

A First and foremost, inspiration. The two children that we all are running on behalf of – James and Layton, the Boy and Girl of the Year, who are also local blood cancer survivors – truly inspire me. So do their parents. Knowing what they have gone through is amazing. Anything I can do to help them is absolutely worth my time and effort. I also want my daughters to see firsthand the importance of volunteering and "making" money, not for yourself but for others. I'm also learning just how good people are. We have a fabulous team and this campaign has, by no means, been an individual effort. Without the help of the team, this couldn't be done. I hope they all – Shana Delcollo, Diane Dalvatore, Roz Williams, Sim Sinko-Borges and Paula Witherow – know how much I appreciate them. Also, my law firm Ward and Taylor, LLC has been extremely supportive, holding events and raising money for the cause. In May, $5 from every real estate settlement we handle will even be donated to LLS.