The Mill Creek Fire Co. in Mill Creek Hundred proposed an expansion to its mezzanine storage area during New Castle County's Land Use Committee meeting held Tuesday afternoon in the City/County Building.

New Castle County Councilman Tim Sheldon (D-Roseville Park) could not imagine there would be any opposition to the proposal by the Mill Creek Fire Co. to add about 1,000 square feet to its mezzanine storage area when he introduced the plan at council's Land Use Committee meeting Tuesday afternoon.

"You never know; it's land use," Sheldon said.

As Sheldon anticipated, the plan was received favorably from his peers on the committee.

Duffield Associates engineer Jeffrey Bross said the expansion was not included in the footprint recorded for Mill Creek Fire Co. in the county record. As such, the Mill Creek Hundred property brought this forward to New Castle County Council as a major land development plan, he said.

The construction project would increase the total square feet NCCo Mill Creek Fire-0405-HCN of the mezzanine storage area from 19,999 to 20,778, according to the plan. It would take place at the fire company on the south side of Kirkwood Highway (Del. Route 2), approximately 300 feet east of Woodhaven Drive in Mill Creek Hundred.

When Land Use Committee Chairman Joseph Reda (D-Elsmere) opened the proposal up for questions, Councilman John Cartier (D-Penny Hill) said he just wanted to express his appreciation for Mill Creek and other volunteer fire companies throughout the state. Cartier noted that these volunteer fire companies had saved New Castle County and its taxpayers a lot of money.

This item would likely be on council's agenda for the April 9 meeting, scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in council chambers at the City/County Building.