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Delaware should produce "The DuPont Story" for The History Channel
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March 26, 2013 9:23 a.m.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL's "Men Who Built America". Where is DuPont in this mix?
I have viewed a few of the segments. YES, our state should produce our own DuPont segment for History Channel. Consider the amazing venues we have for scenes: Nemours, Winterthur, Hagley Mills and nearby Longwood Gardens.
Increased prospects for tourism to The First State as a result of the DuPont chapter on The History Channel? "Mais oui", would exclaim E.I. du Pont.
DuPONT is intimately intermingled in the existing men who have been featured on The History Channel series.
For example, Ford's production line ran faster than the ability for paint to dry. DuPont invented Duco lacquer. Duco dried on contact, thereby becoming an essential contributor to mass production. DuPont was declared a monopoly (yes, they were!), under TR's Sherman Anti-Trust Act, J.P.Morgan financed DuPont acquisitions. Should I go on? Oh, I will. DuPont's 200 + year legacy surpasses the others as well.
Visit Facebook.com/ The DuPont Story – The Greatest (Delaware) Story Ever Told
Visit my 2 minute trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbcDHNwzE30

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