Wilmington singer-songwriter appears as a glamorous ghoul in new "Zombie Girl" video

"Piano-rawker" Noelle Picara is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous ghouls in Wilmington.

For nearly a year, Picara, of Wilmington, has graced stages at local venues donning fancy dresses and zombie makeup, inspired by her single "Zombie Girl."

Check out the new video for the song, which premiered Sunday on YouTube. After watching it, you'll get a complete understanding of how Picara is able to masterfully mesh beauty with death.

About Picara

Picara, of Wilmington, is the bastard child of Ben Folds and Fiona Apple, annihilating the female singer-songwriter stereotype with her no-apology lyrics and raw performance. Her brand of "piano rawk" dismantles assumptions about war, politics, gender, and sexuality with the mantra: "sing truth to power."

Picara began playing the piano as a toddler and later pursued an education in classical voice before breaking out as a singer-songwriter. She walked a long and thorny path through child sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol, and depression before she mustered enough confidence to believe in her own voice.

Deeply inspired by Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, and Ani Difranco, Picara works to be a warrior in the battlefield of the mind: to expose corruption and lies, to give voice to the voiceless, and to inspire the beaten-down to crawl, walk, run, and then fly.