The Red Clay School District shows their passion for reading during “I Love to Read” month.

February is "I Love to Read" month, and a number of Red Clay elementary schools celebrated by hosting six nationally recognized authors. One author spent a day at each elementary school. During the day, authors presented their stories and talked to students about the joys of writing and reading.

In order for families to share in the celebration, the school district held an evening author night and book signing event on Thursday, Feb. 21 at Brandywine Springs School. Authors Peter Catalanotto, Shelley Gill, Antonio Sacre, and Jerry Pallotta participated, followed by book signings in the lobby.

The authors told stories about how they came to be writers, how they get ideas for books, and stories about past adventures that they wanted to share in a book.

For example, Shelley Gill told a story about how she and her daughter swam with a blue whale which she later wrote a book about.

Jerry Pallotta told a story about how his love of boating and lobsters inspired him for one of his books.

Peter Catalanotto, a writer and illustrator, talked about when he was younger he had a difficult time writing, so his teacher encouraged him to draw stories and book reports.

Approximately 175 parents and students attended the author night.