The Stooges Brass Band, one of the elite brass bands in New Orleans, La., will tour to the Arden Gild Hall tonight.

The Stooges Brass Band, one of the elite brass bands in New Orleans, La., will tour to the Arden Gild Hall tonight.

Band founder Walter Ramsey, who plays trombone and emcees, warned that concertgoers will experience a roller coaster ride like no other at the Gild Hall.

"It's a highly-energetic show and we don't take a break," Ramsey, 32, of New Orleans, said during a phone interview. "We play two hours of nonstop music — no breaks, no nothing."

But it wouldn't be a Stooges show without the occasional laughs they sew into their performances.

"You might hear a corny joke," quipped Ramsey. "We're entertainers and comedians; we know how to make you laugh. We act like the Three Stooges." The frontman wouldn't elaborate on the Stooges' other comedic antics, since he wants the rest to be a surprise.

Ramsey says they'll perform fresh tunes from their upcoming album like the popular party song "Wind It Up Like Michael Buck," which includes an easy two-step dance. The tune was produced by Mannie Fresh, a fellow New Orleanian who's worked with household names like Lil Wayne and T.I.

Then there's the uplifting, comical song "I'm Average,"also produced by Mannie Fresh. "It's saying I'm an average person and it's okay to be regular; you don't need all the glitz and glamor," Ramsey explained of the song. "It's like a happy song," he added.

Ramsey didn't announce a title for the Stooges' new album, but he did say it's slated for April.

In addition, the frontman mentioned the Stooges have a nice range of covers they tackle at concerts, including tunes from Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

The Stooges, founded in 1996, are undeniably one of the hardest working brass bands out of New Orleans. This was evident when they beat out the top brass bands in their hometown to be crowned winners of the "Red Bull Street Kings: Best Brass Band" competition in 2010, an event that officially solidified them as one of the premier brass bands in New Orleans.

Along with this auspicious title, the band won an all-expenses paid trip for a recording and mentorship session with Mannie Fresh in the Red Bull Studios in California.

Recently the Stooges served as the house band for ESPN2's "SportsNation" during the week of Super Bowl XLVII in their hometown.

Having decided to tour nationally throughout the last two years — instead of mostly staying put in New Orleans like they've been accustomed to — the Stooges are proving to concertgoers that they might be one the best brass bands in the country, let alone in New Orleans.

WHAT Brass Stooges Band in concert
WHEN 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16
WHERE Arden Gild Hall, 2126, The Highway, Arden
COST $16 ($17.55 with service fee)
INFO or 475-3126