Meet Miss Hockessin 2013.

Is there anything 22-year-old Brittany Lewis can't do?

In addition to being a fabulous en pointe dancer, Lewis teaches seventh-grade English language arts at Prestige Academy in Wilmington, she holds two bachelor's degrees (one in African American studies, the second in broadcast journalism) from Temple University, and she's currently pursuing her master's in secondary education at Wilmington University.

Lewis, of Wilmington, is also a beauty queen. She topped six exquisite young ladies to be crowned winner of the Miss Hockessin America Scholarship Pageant at the Hockessin Memorial Hall on Saturday night.

She was awarded a prize package valued at $5,000, which included monthly specials at Hockessin Day Spa (valued at $1,000), hair care at Elayne James Salon in Middletown (valued at $1,000), a one-month-free membership and training for two at Hockessin Athletic Club (valued at $400) and a $500 college scholarship donated by Wilmington University.

Lewis – who was crowned Miss Greater Reading 2012 in Pennsylvania, while an undergrad student at Temple – has also earned the right to compete in the Miss Delaware 2013 pageant on June 27 at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino.

The Community News caught up with Lewis to discuss how she'll create awareness with her platform (preventing domestic violence) and more.

Q What's your reaction to being crowned Miss Hockessin?
A I'm excited. I'm looking forward to all of the community service I'm getting ready to do to promote my platform. And I'm getting ready to prepare for Miss Delaware 2013.

Q Why did you select preventing domestic violence as your platform?
A In March of 2010, my sister was killed as a result of a domestic violence conflict.

Q What community service did you have in mind to promote your platform?
A I plan to focus on the college communities with girls ages 18 to 24, because they're at highest risk for domestic violence.

Q During the pageant, were there any categories you felt a little shaky in?
A My on-stage interview question completely threw me for a loop. They asked me if I watched the Golden Globes, and unfortunately I don't, or, at least, I haven't in a very long time. But, of course, I had to be honest and I didn't want to say "Yes, I watch it" when I don't. So I had to answer the question negatively and say "no" [laughs]. I was then asked what I'd get an award for if I [won] at the Golden Globes.

Q How will you prepare for Miss Delaware 2013?
A Due to winning the prize package, I now have a personal trainer and I ended up getting a gym membership. Also in terms of preparing for interviews, the Miss Hockessin Executive Director Shawna Saints Rainwright will be prepping me for the interview process.