A new residential community concept was proposed to the residents of Hockessin during their monthly GHADA meeting.

A new residential community concept was proposed at the GHADA meeting on Monday, Jan. 21 that would be built off of McKennan’s Church Road behind Thomas McKean High School.

The proposed community of Westhampton is calling for 107 homes with three housing types. There was a previously recorded plan for the property, which can no longer be used, that called for 323 garden apartments that were each two or three stories.

Currently, the three housing types proposed include twins, townhouses and apartments.  In order to eliminate the apartment option, a variance would have to be asked for. However, the plan does call for a workforce housing concept, requiring 20 percent, or 22 of the units to be used for that purpose.

Attorney Shawn Tucker stated that of the 22 units, 11 could be moved off site.

The twin units should retail for approximately $350,000 and the townhouses will start in the $300,000 range.

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