John Donahue steps down after 47-year career

Have you ever met someone whose personality is infectious? Well that would be John Donahue, who retired from his ACME career after 47 years in the business. We talked for a few minutes after the grand-re-opening of the Hockessin store Jan. 18.

Q What was your first job at ACME?

A I was a cart boy; I was 15 years old.

Q You recently retired in June of last year. What did you love about all your years at ACME?

A I love people and I loved the customers. I lived here [Hockessin] and frequented the local establishments.

Q What did you change about the Hockessin store when you became the store director 15 years ago?

A There was an excellent management team when I came here, but I felt the atmosphere was cold. One morning I was waiting in line at The Perfect Cup and I was behind an irate customer, so I bought her a cup of coffee. I challenged the employees to be nicer to the customers. We can't control everything at the store, but we can control the atmosphere.