Winner receives Sundae Party Pouch for 10

Ice cream may not be on the minds of many people during the dead of winter.

Unless it is Woodside Farm Creamery ice cream, a farm located in Hockessin run by Jim and Janet Mitchell. The couple has a herd of over 30 Jersey cows that they raise, and use their milk to make homemade ice cream right here on the farm.

Last year, Gretchen Hellstern, the Farm's Retail and Marketing Manager came up with the idea to hold a contest, having people try and guess the date the first calf of the season would be born. The contest was announced on Facebook and Twitter, which is how guesses can be entered, and in total, last year's contest received approximately 130 entries.

Hellstern decided to hold to contest again this year, and since announcing the contest on Jan. 7 on Woodside's Facebook page, she said the number of guesses have increased tremendously. "We have received well over 200 guesses," she said.

The popularity of the contest is obvious – the winner will receive a Sundae Party Pouch for 10 people.

The Mitchells were tight-lipped and would not give any hints as to when the 36 cows became pregnant. Janet did say that luckily for those who do not win the contest, Woodside will open for Valentine's Day, Feb. 12-14, from noon to 7 p.m.

The contest runs until the first calf is born, and guesses are taken through Woodside's Facebook and Twitter pages.