Desk job got you sitting all day? Learn how to reverse the dangers of the desk job with these workstation break stretches.

You might be surprised to learn that 50-70% of people spend six or more hours sitting each day.  Coupled with that is the fact that 20-35% of people spend four or more hours a day watching television.  That is pretty startling data, since research shows that the rates of heart disease, diabetes and obesity occur two to three times more in people who sit a lot.

Part of the problem associated with sitting is that it appears to alter circulation of lipase, an enzyme that helps absorb fat.  Simply standing up as opposed to sitting engages muscles and helps your body process fat and cholesterol in a positive way, as well as increases metabolic rate during the day because of the increased muscle activity required for standing.

Here are some other negative factors about excessive sitting:

- Weight gain, orthopedic problems and chronic disease due to lack of movement

- Flexion of the spine, which leads to a forward head, rounded shoulders, rounded upper back and muscles that are long and weak

- Flexion of the pelvis and hips, which leads to hip flexors and trunk muscles that are short and weak.

However, there are exercises you can do to offset the effects of sitting all day. To view these four easy exercises, head to ATI Physical Therapy's "Get There" blog.