RESOLUTION: To support ideas that enhance our local community.

There are many things that are important to us as a nation, as Delawareans and as members of our local community. Each of us is passionate about issues that "hit home". We are thankful for family, friends, and the opportunity to live in a great community and country.

One thing we cannot lose sight of is the spirit and feeling of being part, if you choose, of a vibrant close knit community; a community that understands and enjoys the heritage that made our area what it is today.

To continue forward with the spirit of a small town, we must balance the need for growth and opportunities for current and future generations while remaining true to the reasons that drew us to this area. Economic growth, new jobs, supporting local business, housing and educational opportunities, proximity to major metropolitan areas, and a good lifestyle are all important. However, it's also important that we don't automatically dismiss new ideas and suggestions for change without fully discussing the impact on our lives. Support should be given to ideas that enhance our local community and conversely we should look to redirect things that adversely affect our community's way of life.

One of the "Four Way Tests" for Rotarians, which can be applied to our community, states "Is it fair to all concerned". As we move into 2013 and after, may we all remember that everyone has different points of view and ideas on what is important individually and collectively, but it should be fair to everyone in the community.

As a reminder of our community spirit, 2013 will be the 25th anniversary of the 4th of July Parade and Fireworks. Everyone who has experienced either of these events can attest to the importance they play in the lives of our families and the feeling of small town America.

We ask that you continue to support these events with your attendance, participation and continued financial contributions so that our families can enjoy this patriotic time. Your tax deductible donation to the Hockessin-Greenville Rotary Foundation at will help ensure this great community event continues.