RESOLUTION: To encourage everyone to step up and volunteer to do something, somewhere in the Hockessin area.

Hockessin is a wonderful community with a broad diversity of residents and an economy that you can still see (and smell) from its roots in the mushroom farming agriculture of the last century to the upscale shops, restaurants, and service businesses that dot the landscape.

The one thing that makes Hockessin such a great place to live, work and play is that we're not overdeveloped and the community is known for its' ability and willingness to work with those seeking to locate a new project or business in the area. The Greater Hockessin Area Development Association, or GHADA, as its known, has been around since the early 60's and has been one of the most effective volunteer, community driven Civic Umbrella groups in all of Delaware. While not every proposed project is met with smiles of acceptance, it's the way in which Hockessin addresses its concerns that makes us unique and compels those wishing to break ground here, to seek community input, before heading off to the County's Land Use Department.

Hockessin once had more elected State Representatives and Senators than anywhere else it seemed, each representing a portion of Hockessin as part of their district and after the redistricting process, we found ourselves with two fewer voices in Dover. However, we still have our lone Councilperson who lives right in Hockessin and you'll likely see her regularly at the grocery store or elsewhere around town.

It always amazes me that citizens can so easily and so frequently, run into their elected officials here in Delaware and how fortunate we are that regardless of what political party they belong to, they are a part of our community and always take time to listen. They've worked with us to help preserve our history and quality of life, while keeping an eye towards the future to seek improvements that will benefit us all; wouldn't it be nice if that was how it was done elsewhere?

As the year draws to an end, I want to encourage everyone to make a resolution to step up and volunteer to do something, somewhere in the Hockessin area. Step outside of your comfortable routine in 2013 and do volunteer to do something new. Stop by the Hockessin Fire Company and ask them what you can do to help them; Attend a Hockessin Historical Society meeting and see if there's something that you can do to help preserve our local history; Become a member of the Hockessin Business Association and lend your experiences and insights with fellow businesspeople to grow our business base; Help any one of the local sports groups, such as the Piedmont Baseball League or the Hockessin Soccer Club; Get involved with your neighborhood Civic Association or Maintenance Corp or GHADA; Visit the Hockessin Library and ask about their "Friends" group. There are many more worthwhile local organizations that are always looking for some new hands.

Some of us work here, many of us play here, but we all live here, so why not get involved and help make Hockessin the best it can be. It doesn't always require money, sometimes all it takes is a few good people willing to give something even more valuable and precious – just a few hours of your time to help and support a worthy cause.