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  • DPH gives tips on eating healthy during New Year's celebrations

  • The Delaware Division of Public Health is offering tips to healthy during New Year's celebrations.
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  • the delaware division of public health is offering tips to healthy during new year's celebrations.
    • eat a healthy snack before leaving home. this will reduce the risk of overeating at the party.
    • avoid traditional party foods such as fried appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, chips, and creamy dips.
    • don't stand near where the food is served. it's too easy to consume too much when you're right next to the food table. choose what you're going to eat very carefully. in other words, be a picky eater. you don't need to pick one of everything. instead, pick a few of what you really like and savor each one.
    • trim the fat from the meat. each tablespoon of fat you trim off contains 100 calories.
    • alcoholic beverages, home-made punches, and chocolaty beverages have calories that you may not have planned for. one less sugary beverage a day can mean you avoid gaining 15 pounds a year. consume these in moderation.
    • exercise will give you a little leeway to indulge while still keeping your weight stable.
    • consume plenty of water. try to drink a full glass before going out and a few more while you are at a holiday function. this will help to keep you hydrated but also provide the feeling of being full.
    • so go ahead and enjoy the party, but be smart and make food and drink decisions that will allow you to bring in the new year healthier.

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