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Back to traveling as we are a little older...

Traveling By Car

When taking a road trip...and staying in hotels, try placing your clothes in a clothes basket in the trunk instead of a large suitcase. Carry a rolling backpack into the hotel each night with the necessary items for getting on the road the next morning saves a lot of lugging of luggage.

It is easy to take into the room whether for one night or a couple of nights. When traveling to a place for an extended stay, have the bellman take the luggage, cooler, etc., to the room. Carry dirty laundry and unneeded items back to the car each day leaving less to carry at checkout.

When Flying, Book Into Smaller Airports

When flying, long lines, crowds, full parking lots and holiday travel can all be stressful. Check out some of the smaller airports. It is a lot less stressful to leave from a small airport then to drive to a large city...load the luggage onto a shuttle and ride to the airport. At smaller airports it is easier to drop other passengers and luggage right in front of the airport and park the car. The same goes for the destination. Instead of Orlando, fly into Sanford Orlando Airport. Consider taking the train or the bus as both offer senior discounts.

Pack Extra Medications and Other Tips

Always pack a couple of extra days of medication in case there is bad weather or some kind of delay. It is always good to leave the itinerary with a relative or friend.

Make sure someone knows you are safe. Have a cell phone, know how to use it and leave it turned on and fully charged.

Avoid getting sick. In public make sure your hands are washed with hot soapy water. Carry hand sanitizer, especially on the crowded planes. Ask your doctor about the preventative medications and if they are right for you.

There are germs lurking in those planes, trains and hotels but, there is a good time to be had and no matter what limitations there are, travel can be managed and enjoyable. Go see the country it is beautiful with many exciting places to visit...!

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