If you want to feast your eyes on one holiday treat this year, then you must visit Yuletide at Winterthur.

Experience traditions of the past and dazzling entertaining displays in this special wintertime tour, with this year's theme being 'A Feast for the Eyes.

Yuletide at Winterthur 2012 will delight you with visions of holidays past and inspire you to create your own spectacular celebrations.

You will be transported to a 19th-century market square to see how preparations for winter festivities began, and enjoy Winterthur's unique version of a winter wonderland as you meander through a re-created woodland path offering vistas of the Winterthur Garden enveloped in snow.

Yuletide would not be complete without recalling the winter festivities of the du Pont family in Delaware. The special traditions of H. F. du Pont and his family at Winterthur in the 1930s and '40s included the spectacular tree in the Conservatory covered with glittering glass ornaments and complemented by flowers specially selected to echo the colorful lights on the tree.

The Winterthur Garden is always a source of inspiration during Yuletide. The ever-popular dried flower tree and other stunning trees that celebrate nature will be joined this year by an entire room devoted to Winterthur's version of a winter wonderland.

Whether you are taking in the incredibly decorated trees, the colorful and exquisite room and food displays, or the winter wonderland of the garden, Yuletide at Winterthur is sure to be a feast for your eyes.