The first annual Golden Girls fashion show was held on Wednesday, Nov. 28 at Rockland Place.

Women in their golden years do not often have the opportunity to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, let alone to model them.

But this is not the case at Rockland Place, a retirement and assisted living community located in Wilmington.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, a group of 13 residents, ranging in age from 71 to 99, put on their first ever Golden Girls Fashion Show, while modeling the lastest fashion trends from clothing boutique Avenue, located in Prices Corner.

Rockland Place hairdresser Ginger Glynn said the fashion show is an idea that has been tossed around for a number of years, but it finally came to fruition. "I asked a lot of stores to borrow clothes, but Avenue was kind enough to say yes," Glynn said.

The 13 models all congregated in the beauty salon before the show in their new threads, giggling like school girls.

Julia Cavicchio, who modeled pajamas, joked that the only reason she decided to walk in the fashion show was because she was dragged by her ear to do so. "I thought everyone would get a laugh, and it would be something to talk about," she said.

The models had the option to purchase the clothing items they modeled, which ranged from sweaters, casual tops, winter coats, and sleepwear.