Voters were determined to have their voices heard this election, which resulted in some very exciting local races.

The voter turnout was high in Delaware today, resulting in some close local races.

Republican Greg Lavelle, who challenged incumbent Sen. Mike Katz for the District 4 State Senator seat, beat Katz by a narrow margin of 11,970 to 11,187 votes.

Lavelle was first elected to the 11th District House seat in 2000.

Lavelle received 50.8 percent of the votes and Katz received 47.5 percent, making it one of the closest races in New Castle County this election season.

While campaigning last minute at the First Unitarian Church in Wilmington on Election Day, Lavelle said he was excited to see the high turnout of voters today. "It is always good when they exceed the average."

Lavelle, who was in high spirits, said that whether he wins or loses, he and his family are going to Disney World. "[The outcome] is a no lose proposition," he joked.

Dr. Mike Katz cast his vote at Methodist Country House in Greenville with his wife, Trish.

Katz said that despite not being re-elected, he still has his career as a physician, which he sees as a form of community service, and most importantly, his family.

"We left it all in the field and enjoyed the opportunity to serve the community for the past four years," Katz said.

Democrat State Senator for District 8 David Sokola beat his opponent, William Stritzinger, a Newark businessman. Sokola received 10,099 votes, or 60.7 percent of the votes.

Kim Williams (D), a Red Clay school board member, beat Dennis Cini, the owner and operator of R.A.M. Associates in the State Representative District 19 race. Both candidates were vying for the seat left vacant by Bob Gilligan. Williams received 65.5 percent of the votes, or 6088, to Cini's 3,200 or 34.5 percent.

Republican Joe Miro received 63.4 percent of the votes in the State Representative Race for the 22nd District, beating his opponent Dave Ellis, an internationally known teacher and scientist. Miro received a total of 8,333 votes, and Ellis received 4,803 votes.

Miro said he will work hard for his constituents down in Dover: "I am truly touched the people have put their trust in me once again," he said.

Democratic Councilman Tim Sheldon, who ran for re-election of the Ninth District, beat his opponent Scot Sauer, a resident of Marshallton, receiving 65 percent of the votes. Sheldon received 12,071 votes to Sauer's 6,491 votes.