Hurricane Sandy has begun to make Kent County and the rest of Delaware feel her wrath with significant flooding that closed several roads in Kent County.

Significant flooding caused by the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy closed several roads in Kent County Monday, Kent County Levy Court Public Information Officer Kia Evans said.

The flooding was consistent with earlier flood warnings given by the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, N.J. National meteorologists in the Garden State had said Hurricane Sandy would continue to produce record coast flooding along the coast of Delaware and inland Kent County.

National Weather Service forecasters said Sandy would continue to produce "life threatening conditions" as it moved toward the New Jersey coast this evening. The eye of the storm would pass the central or southern New Jersey beaches this evening before moving inland.

Meanwhile, coastal flooding warnings would remain in effect until at least midnight tonight, officials said.

Evans, of Kent County, said the following roads were currently closed in Kent County due to significant flooding:

• North Market Street, Frederica

• Fast Landing Road, East of Bridge, Leipsick

• Port Mahon Road at Boat ramp, Little Creek

• Ponderosa and Plain dealing at Ponderosa and Nicolas Lane, Magnolia

• Cypress Branch, at the bridge, Magnolia

• Eagles Nest Landing Road East of Paddock Road, Smyrna

• Route 9 East of Flemings Land Road bridge, Smyrna

• North East Front Street, between East and 4th Street, Milford