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  • Greg Lavelle challenges Michael Katz in 4th District

  • Learn a little more about Dr. Michael Katz and Greg Lavelle, your candidates for the 4th District.
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    1. What do you think are the key issues to the people in your district?
    Over the past several months, I have walked through dozens of neighborhoods throughout our community speaking with families about the issues important to them. It is clear that people are concerned about the many challenges facing them and their neighbors on a daily basis – increasing the available number of high paying jobs, improving our economy, and investing more money into our children's classrooms. But they also expect their elected officials to fight to eliminate corruption and cronyism and make state government work for the people it represents, not the political insiders.
    2. What experience do you bring to the table?
    I am a Doctor and small business person, not a politician. I view serving in the Senate as a form of community service; it is not my career. My priority is to serve my community, and I take this trust very seriously. I refuse to play political games and will continue to use my business experience to fight for more government accountability and less wasteful spending. My years of caring for patients in our community and managing small businesses has kept me in touch with the real issues that our families deal with including creating jobs, improving our schools, and getting affordable health care. I have drawn from these unique experiences to make our State Senate more effective and accountable to our citizens. Through my years of medical training and work experience, I know what it is like to put in long days of hard work to get the job done well. I am beholden to no special interests and I will continue to take on politicians in both parties to get the job done.
    In the Senate, I have focused on protecting our tax dollars by fighting to eliminate cronyism and corruption from our government, resulting in the strongest lobbying reform legislation ever passed in Delaware. I am working to end political entitlement by establishing term limits and to make it illegal for legislators to take taxpayer-funded jobs after serving. And I have been working closely with Governor Markell to make it easier for Delaware businesses to succeed and grow and to attract new businesses to Delaware to create jobs. My New Economy Jobs Program legislation was signed into law and will help bring high paying jobs in high tech and knowledge-based businesses to Delaware.
    3. Tell us something interesting about you that people may not know.
    Growing up in a working class family, I learned the value of sacrifice and hard work. My Dad had a cleaning company and began taking me on jobs when I was eight years old. I actually remember the first time that I went with my Dad, working right beside him scrubbing the floors and cleaning the walls. I worked hard and thought that I was being a huge help to my Dad. It wasn't until years later that my Dad let me know that he used to go back behind me and redo most of my work. It bothered me then, but now, as a father of three, I understand the importance of the lessons my Dad was teaching me — about personal responsibility, doing a job right, and sacrificing for your family and your community.
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    1. What do you think are the key issues to the people in your district?
    The economy, more specifically creating a positive economic environment where the private sector can creates jobs. Education and Public Safety are equally important issues that constituents are concerned about. Our leaders must constantly strive to improve all three of these areas - the economy, education, and public safety — in order for us to have a bright future to look forward to.
    2. What experience do you bring to the table?
    Some might say that my 12 years of service as State Representative would be my best source of experience, but I am more grateful for the experience I have OUTSIDE of government. My work with my local civic associations, specifically my tenure as Zoning Vice President of the Council of Civic Associations of Brandywine Hundred (CCOBH), has brought me experience that helps me better serve local residents. Also, my service on the Board of Directors of the Delaware Council of Economic Education and on the Board of Girls Incorporated brings me experience in the community. My experience in the community is just as important as any experience I have from serving in Dover for the last 12 years.
    3. Tell us something interesting about you that people may not know.
    My favorite television show is The Simpsons!
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