Just like a good ole' boomerang, the zany Fringe Wilmington Festival will circle back to downtown Wilmington on Wednesday.

From Wednesday through Sunday, the Fringe Wilmington Festival 2012 will feature a mixed bag of more than 200 artists (from throughout the state and country) presenting works rooted in the performance art, visual art and cinema, held at 12 different venues downtown.

And since it can be a little overwhelming deciding which events you'd like to see, it wouldn't be a bad idea to check out the free Fringe 2012 Preview Party at the World Café Live at the Queen on Wednesday, which will offer a sample of each event.

In the meantime, here's one must-see event in the festival.

Festival of Shorts

Held at the Theatre N, the fifth annual Film Brothers Festival of Shorts will put both movie buffs and casual moviegoers in a good mood with its selection of 10 diverse films.

Founded by Wilmington-natives and indie filmmakers Gordon DelGiorno and his brother, Greg, the festival offers global films, which range from comedies to dramas, as well as movies marinated in an offbeat flavor.

Opening night will feature live, jazzy tunes performed in the theater by Wilmington-based band the Joe Trainor Trio.

Gordon — who co-founded the Film Brothers Movie Co-op located on North Market Street — said the performance will mark the first time a live band will be introduced at the Festival of Shorts, and it's something he'd like to continue with in the future "unless I flop and fall on my face," he quipped.

Short and sweet

The first movie that'll kickoff each night will be Keegan Wilcox's riveting drama "The Porcelain Unicorn". The American film is set in the hostile Nazi era where a group of German boys look for Jews and discover a young girl hiding with her favorite toys.

While creating a film which highlights the Nazi era is always a bit tricky, due to the atrocities Nazi's carried out against on the Jews, Gordon said Wilcox managed to craft a smart and effective picture thanks to his engaging characters.

Two other films of note in the Festival of Shorts are the local movies "20 Minutes" and "Insidious Insomniac".

"20 Minutes" is the reigning champ from last year's festival and was filmed by G. Lloyd Morris, of Wilmington. The film tells the story of a convict who has received a second lease on life. He's fresh out of prison and his brother made him an offer to live with him until he gets back on his feet.

During the 20 minutes that it should take for the ex-con to travel to his brother's home, he runs into villainous people and bad things from his past like "drug dealers," not to mention "the easy money is trying to grab him," said Gordon, 44.

With his brother expecting him to show up at his home any minute now, the ex-con knows he can't afford to screw up his new beginning by falling back into the sea of temptation that awaits him in the streets.

Zombie trouble

Then there's the zombie apocalypse film "Insidious Insomniac," shot by Delcastle Technical High School students.

The picture is about a pill-popping teenager who wakes up to find a zombie apocalypse two years later.

Despite the plethora of zombies films that have been released the last couple of years, Gordon — who graduated from Delcastle Technical — said "Insidious Insomniac" is "not your typical zombie movie."

So what makes it unique?

Being careful to not give away the entire film, Gordon added: "It has a message."

WHAT Film Brothers 5th annual Festival of Shorts
WHEN 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27; 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28
WHERE Theatre N, 800 N. French, St., Wilmington
COST $20 Thursday; $12 Friday (note: tickets for both days are only available via preorder)
INFO theatren.org or 576-2135

WHAT Fringe 2012 Preview Party
WHEN 7:30-10 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 26
WHERE World Café Live at the Queen, 500 N. Market St., Wilmington
INFO fringewilmingtonde.com 994-1400