The United States Tennis Association Delaware District recently honored its own for accomplishments on and off the court.

The United States Tennis Association Delaware District recently honored its own for accomplishments on and off the court.

More than 30 awardees were named during the annual ceremony, held at Bellevue State Park on Jan. 10 in front of more than 100 supporters from across the state.

“We were so pleased to honor so many outstanding players and supporters of the game,” said Paul Costello, Delaware district president. “Tennis is clearly on the rise in Delaware and the diversity of this group – in every sense – demonstrates it is the true sport of a lifetime.”

USTA adult league participation was at an all-time high in Delaware last year, with more than 3,200 participants.

Among the honorees was Tatnall School senior Ben Holloway, who accepted the Bunny Vosters Sportsmanship Award.

“I’ve learned that being a good sport is always the most important thing,” said Holloway. “You always want to be proud of your effort and how you handle yourself in victory or defeat.”

Holloway plans to bring his game to Hamilton College in New York next year.

Volunteer of the Year Dave Taylor was recognized for the enthusiasm he shares with young tennis players.

“I always try and make sure the game is fun for the kids,” said Taylor. “No matter your level, tennis is a sport everyone can enjoy and everyone should have access to.”

The Rodney Street Tennis and Tutoring Association was also recognized for its dedication to tennis coaching and the tennis haven it provides for promising young players.

“The Rodney Street Program has done so much to make the game accessible to so many,” Costello said.

Following is the complete list of honorees:

Ken Isaacs Sportsmanship award—Vijay Sarathi Mary Levin Sportsmanship award—Anna Richman Bunny Vosters Sportsmanship Awards: Boys: Ben Holloway; Girls: Ibelise Smith Bunny Vosters Team Sportsmanship Awards: Boys: Newark High School; Girls: Cape Henlopen Boy’s Coach—Richard Duke, Dover High School Girl’s Coach—Sabrina Perialas, Willliam Penn High School Family of the Year – The Mannings Volunteer of the Year – Dave Taylor Pro – Joe Dombroskwi Community Tennis Coach of the Year - Joe Kissel CTA – Middletown Tennis Association Organization of the year – Commercial – DuPont Country Club Organization of the year - Not for profit – Rodney Street Tennis and Tutoring Association Media—Laura Ignarski, Wilmington News Journal Website—Delaware Tennis Foundation Tournament Director-Marty Godwin Presidential Award-Alison Moran and Taya Diana Jaeger Murray Scholarship—Mike Menago

Number one ranked junior boys:

Sam Inden, 18 Vijay Sarathi, 16 John Wu, 14 Scott Battaglia, Colt Williamson, 12 James Fleming, 10

Number one ranked junior girls:

Anna Richman, 18 Celesta Smith, 16 Allison Lane, 14 Alexandra Butler, 12

Number one ranked adults:

Men’s Open Singles: Bryan Sauer Men’s Open Doubles: Tenlen/Hoestedt 35 Men’s Singles: Bruce Nisbet 45 Men’s Singles: Bryan Sauer 55 Men’s Singles: Robert Harrison 65 Men’s Singles: Richard Barton 70 Men’s Singles: Thomas Mancuso Women’s Open Singles: Ashlee Vosters Women’s Open Doubles: Vosters/Vosters