Tom Covello, owner of Celebrations Design Group in Claymont, sent David Letterman a special gift box filled with quintessentially Delawarean items so the late night talk show host will get a better understanding of the state he frequently lampoons on "The Late Show."

Tom Covello has a message for David Letterman: stop bashing Delaware.

Ever since Delaware's U.S. Sen. Joe Biden became Barack Obama's running mate, the show host has run a special segment on The Late Show called “Get to Know Delaware.” It has not been flattering: the segment's deepest insights so far have been that Delaware is actually a state, and that it shares a border with Pennsylvania.

So Covello, owner of Celebrations Design Group in Claymont, decided to send the late night  host a little piece of the First State to educate Letterman. The gift basket, stocked with more than a dozen delights reminiscent of Delaware’s history and individuality, includes Dolle’s Salt Water Taffies made in Rehoboth Beach, macaroons from The Hotel DuPont bake shop and pretzel “rods” to honor Caesar Rodney, one of Delaware’s historic heroes.

It is Covello’s Delaware Delights Gift Basket, a special basket at Stemsations, his  Wilmington flower shop, since March.

He originally designed the basket to educate prospective DuPont employees staying at the hotel about the First State, but it seems Letterman also has a lot to learn, too, he said.

“There is something happening in Delaware, this state has a lot of history,” he said. But this is not a publicity stunt -- Covello is not hoping Letterman will discuss it on the show. He just wants to set the record straight about, because although Covello, 44, is a resident of Ridley, Pa., he is proud of Delaware and not afraid to show it.

Covello mailed the basket to the CBS studios in New York City Sept. 10.